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Meet the most scrumptious dessert topping you'll ever find. Playful, innovative, and sure to help you make memories, Yum Crumbs has been the go-to solution for bakers, moms on a mission, and dessert-lovers everywhere since 2020. 

Our wide array of crumb and candy dessert toppings are sure to enhance both the taste and texture of your favorite treats. Whether you need a touch of decor or a hint of complementing flavors, Yum Crumbs satisfies your crumb-filled needs any day. Save time with crumb cakes and topping off your favorite desserts with any of our flavor combinations. Every Yum Crumb is high-quality, simple, and quick to order. Yum Crumbs’ products have been tested and approved by the FDA for a one-year shelf life or six months once opened, but most use their crumbs up in under a month because they’re just that good!

It all began with a stack of orders for custom crumb cakes and a short supply of time to fulfill them. Even with more than 10 years of baking experience, we found that making crumbs simply took too much time. We reached out to a few high-demand bakers, and they loved the idea of never having to make crumbs again. We researched tirelessly on how to streamline the process and make it affordable without sacrificing the quality of our ingredients that are needed to preserve the authentic taste we all remember growing up. After rounds of testing and working to become compliant with FDA regulations, Yum Crumbs was born.

We are a family- and minority-owned and operated company. We love baking, and all of our crumbs are made in the USA! We have crumbs for every occasion, whether you are a professional baker who needs to buy in bulk or a family who wants a sprinkle here and there. 

With over 20 crumb flavors and a variety of candy dessert toppings, our selection is sure to have the perfect dessert topping for your baking endeavors. Be sure to browse our full selection of products, and place your order today!



About Our Store

There is so much to love at Yum Crumbs!

Times are changing and more and more people are getting creative with there foods, especially desserts.

Our dessert toppings offer a wide variety of flavors and textures that can be added on almost anything!

Thats' right! You can top your pancakes, oatmeal, cupcakes, ice cream and so much more!

With over 20 flavors to try, the possibilities are endless.

The Yum Crumbs Promise

Since starting Yum Crumbs we have grown to a full blown dessert topping company! With the out pour of love and support from our customers (family) we are continously expanding!

We promise to continously keep giving you quality toppings and great customer service!

Uniquely Different

Cookie meets sprinkle! Giving you a unique way to add flavor and decor!

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