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About Our Store

There is so much to love at Yum Crumbs!

Times are changing and more and more people are getting creative with their foods, especially desserts.

Our dessert toppings offer a wide variety of flavors and textures that can be added on almost anything!

Thats' right! You can top your pancakes, oatmeal, cupcakes, ice cream and so much more!

With over 20 flavors to try, the possibilities are endless.

The Yum Crumbs Promise

Since starting Yum Crumbs we have grown to a full blown dessert topping company! With the out pour of love and support from our customers (family) we are continously expanding!

We promise to continously keep giving you quality toppings and great customer service!

Uniquely Different

Cookie meets sprinkle! Giving you a unique way to add flavor and decor!

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