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Whether you’re an amateur baker making goodies for your friends and commissions in the community, or you’re a professional baker that’s pumping out delectable treats day-in and day-out, you can surely think of a time where a part of the baking process required a tedious-but-necessary task that used up a lot of your time and energy. At Yum Crumbs, that task was creating the crumb and dessert toppings needed to make the unique and delicious crumb cakes we use to sell out of our home.

While we can’t get enough of crumb cake, we quickly realized that baking multiple cakes that all required different crumb toppings was time consuming, especially because we couldn’t find any ready-made crumb topping specifically for artisan baking. Thus, we decided to start our own business making dessert toppings that provide the perfect textures and flavors to elevate your baking to a new level. 

Now, our sole focus is to create unique but sought-after crumb and candy toppings so our baking community can make the best baked goods possible without needing to spend countless hours making the perfect topping. 

In this blog, we’re going to talk about our dessert toppings and why you should consider trying them for your next bake!

Dessert Toppings

First comes our most-popular topping and the reason for our namesake — our various crumb toppings. As we discussed above, the crumb topping is where our business started, and for good reason! We’ve spent years working to make a variety of crumb topping flavors that compliment a wide range of desserts and we’ve perfected our recipe to ensure that we get consistent textures, tastes, and appearances with each of our toppings. 

What’s more, they have a great shelf life, so you can stock up and be prepared for any major bakes to come. Unopened, our dessert toppings have a shelf life of one year, and after opening, you can expect the crumb topping to maintain its integrity for around six months. Again, we aimed for quality and convenience when making our products, and that resulted in long-lasting, easy-to-use, and always amazing dessert toppings!

Finally, we offer all the flavors you want, and many more that you’re surely going to want to taste. From chocolate éclair or strawberry shortcake to key lime and bubble gum, our flavors can’t be beat (except by the amazing flavors they compliment in your baked goods, of course)!

All of our incredible flavors are available in 12oz-128oz containers, so you can get as little or as much as you need! Plus, we offer a sampler pack so you can test flavors and choose the perfect one. Shop our full selection of dessert crumb toppings here.

Candy Toppings

While our pride and joy is most definitely the amazing crumb toppings we create, we also offer an array of candy toppings to ensure that you can enjoy your favorite sweet treats! From some delectable candied fruit or the perfect ice cream sundae. 

Currently, our candy topping selection is not as diverse as our dessert toppings, but we’re always expanding! So be sure to keep your eye out for new additions to what we offer. That said, right now you can currently shop for a variety of “Sour Powder” flavors, crushed Jolly Ranchers, crushed Cotton Candy, and Nerds — all in bulk packages designed to suit a baker’s needs.

To shop our full selection of candy toppings for delectable desserts, click here


Finally, while these aren’t necessarily baking accessories you can use on your goodies, our baking classes are great ways to expand your baking skills, understand how to properly use crumb, and so much more. We’re regularly rotating the different classes that we offer to our customers, and some classes are even free! What’s more, once you enroll, you get access to class recordings and exclusive Yum Crumbs recipes, so it’s truly a gift that keeps on giving! Plus, like our dessert and candy toppings, our classes are designed around the idea of streamlining and improving baking processes without sacrificing quality. 

We hope that this blog post has shown you the versatility and convenience of the baking products lovingly crafted at Yum Crumbs. We appreciate your time and business and hope you love our crumb as much as we do!

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